Unique and artfully crafted by hand
in Minnesota
THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers in 2019 and I truly wish you all the very best in 2020!   The online Etsy shop will be open until mid February and we will be busy making new items for next season the rest of the year.  The 2020 show schedule should be available by the end of August.  Feel free to contact me for anything you might need in the interim!  Enjoy the season and keep warm!

                                                Kindst regards,
Welcome to the home of Moose Mountain MIttens where we are more than just mittens!    We are located in Northern Minnesota where we have long, cold Winters and know how to stay warm, enjoy the season and be stylish, too.  We also care deeply about the environment and use reclaimed wool, cashmere, buttons, zippers, sweater clasps and whatever else we can to create beautiful, environmentally responsible upcycled products for you, your family and your home. 

Every product has a footprint.  We like to make products that will last, that you can feel good about wearing and that have been created with love and care.  The mittens are made using wool from sweaters rescued from a variety of sources,  felted in hot water and dried to increase warmth.  The palms of adult mittens are reinforced with Ultrasuede which makes them much more durable and gives grip for driving and other tasks....and then the mittens are lined with super soft Polartec fleece which is fabulous for retaining loft and wicking moisture. 

We also make warm hats, lovely cashmere scarves, neckwarmers and cowls, handknit cowls, plus items for your home.  Thanks so much for visiting!

  1. Sizes to fit all
    Sizes to fit all
    From small children to teens to adult men and women, we make wool sweater mittens that fit!
  2. Ultrasuede palms
    Ultrasuede palms
    Ultrasuede is washable, dryable and wears like iron. Adult sizes have this fabulous feature making your mittens last longer, be more useful driving or walking the dog on a cold Winter day.
  3. Cashmere
    Luxuriously soft, upcycled and easy to care for since it has been washed and dried already. It will make you forget all about how cold it is outside.
  4. For the home
    For the home
    Potholders, pillow covers and more... Wool is a terrific insulator and repels water naturally.