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 Moose Mountain MIttens are made by hand in Duluth, MInnesota. Each pair is unique and artfully crafted. We have very long, cold Winters here and we know the secrets to looking great while being warm and comfortable! My mittens, hats and scarves are made from quality felted wools and wool blends and are lined with Polartec polarfleece in a variety of weights. The warmth and comfort comes from integrating the two layers that trap millions of small, warm air pockets. This soft fleece is the very best to use as it keeps it's loft  and stays warm! The wools I use come from many sources, most of which are gorgeous, upcycled sweaters of better labels. The wool is felted, blocked to dry, carefully matched and cut out. Then the mittens and liners are sewn, cuffed and trimmed with beautiful buttons.  Some mittens and scarves are trimmed with vintage jewelry, some are embellished with needle felting and/or appliqued and some hats are trimmed with handmade felted pins.  Most adult palms are done in Ultrasuede which is a richly aesthetic fabric that feels like soft, supple suede. All are machine washable unless otherwise noted.
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Happy New Year!  I hope this year is safe, happy and healthy for all of you!!!  Thank you for your patronage over the last year and a special thank you for those of you that donated to the Guide Dog Foundation by buying the coffee cozies!  I  made the donation on your behalf New Year's Eve to this wonderful organization.  I have a limited number left if anyone else would like to donate.  The shows are all finished for the season, but the ETSY shop is up and running!  Just click on the  SHOP page or click here​ to check it out!  If you don't see what you need, just contact me with your requests.  
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*Could the person who ordered the purple flower mittens at the Landmark show on Saturday contact me either via phone or email?​

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"I have purchased many items from Moose Mountain Mittens and the quality and service is outstanding."

"I wanted to be sure to let you know how appreciative I am for the meticulous work you put into the mittens from my husband's sweater.  They are beautiful!  And I know my girls will be thrilled to find them in their Christmas stockings."

"Beautiful products!"